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Best Places to Visit during your French Alps Summer Holidays | France Bucket List

Hey there, are you looking for an amazing destination for your next summer holiday? Well, look no further because the French Alps are calling your name! Trust me, this is not your ordinary summer vacation spot - it's an extraordinary paradise of stunning mountain vistas, clear blue lakes, and lush green valleys. And let me tell you, the French Alps in the summer months are simply breathtaking.

Get ready to be blown away by the spectacular natural beauty that this region has to offer. Picture yourself hiking through the magnificent mountains, biking through picturesque valleys, or soaring through the sky on a paragliding adventure. If you're a water enthusiast, there are plenty of opportunities for rafting, kayaking, and swimming in crystal-clear alpine lakes.

And don't even get me started on the world-class ski resorts that transform into adventure parks in the summer months. You'll have access to an array of activities that will leave you feeling exhilarated and energized. From zip-lining, climbing, and bungee jumping to exploring underground caves and canyons, there's never a dull moment in the French Alps.

I promise you; this is not your average summer vacation destination. The French Alps offer an unparalleled combination of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty that will leave you feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, grab your friends or family, and get ready for an unforgettable summer holiday in the French Alps. You won't regret it!

1. Annecy town

France's Haute-Savoie region includes Annecy as its largest city. We have to agree that it is referred to as the "Pearl of the French Alps." A stunning lakeside city with breathtaking views and a quaint old town is Annecy. As you enter the area by car, snow-capped mountains in the distance will give it a picture-perfect fairy tale appearance. On the northern shore of Annecy Lake is where the medieval town of Annecy (Le Vieil Annecy) is located. As a result of its 14th-century founding, there are many historic structures and winding lanes.

With the Thiou River's canals winding through the old town, you could be excused for thinking that this is the Venice of the Alps. It's very beautiful. In the summer, there are splashes of color everywhere as graceful white swans float through the canals and into the lake. Geraniums are kept in pots and placed at entranceways and windowsills to create a lovely atmosphere.

Dining in Annecy

The sidewalks are lined with eateries and cafes; Le Lilas Rose is my favorite spot to enjoy a glass of rose while people-watching. If the weather is suitable, try to secure a table outside. They also have a fantastic Menu Del Dia and serve a ton of regional French cuisine.

Le Chalet in Annecy's historic center is a great place to find authentic Savoyard fare. There is amazing tartiflette there!

There are additional options in the old town if the French cuisine becomes too much. While Casa Santa Clara serves delicious Spanish tapas, Little Italy is great for pasta and all things Italian.

Activities in Annecy

A shaded bike path that runs alongside Avenue d'Albigny allows riders to circle the entire Annecy lake entirely. You can rent a bike and travel the entire 40 km distance on it, or you can ride slowly for a portion of it before turning around. It's a lovely ride, and most of it is flat.

The Palais de l'Isle, built in the twelfth century and located on an islet in the Canal du Thiou, is the main tourist destination in the old town. The building was used as a jail before becoming the Palace of Justice. A variety of exhibits about the history and architecture of the area are currently on display at the Palais de l'Isle.

The area known as Jardins De L'Europe is where groups of friends and families frequently congregate by the lake. You can take a tour of Lake Annecy in a small boat that you rent, or you can simply unwind and sunbathe. Additionally, there are small food carts nearby that sell coffee and light refreshments.

Along the Rue Sainte-Claire in the old town is a particularly awesome place to meander. This particular road features buildings from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries that are now home to numerous stores and restaurants.

The 15th-century Church of Saint-Maurice and the 16th-century Cathedral of Saint-Pierre are two notable churches in Annecy. Free admission is available, but make sure there aren't any events going on beforehand.

The Château d'Annecy, which was once the home of the Counts of Geneva and dates back to the 13th century, is well-known if you're looking for something a little further out. The château now serves as a museum showcasing regional history, medieval sculpture, landscape paintings, and modern art. There is a €5 entrance fee, and travelers have given it mixed reviews.

2. The French Alpine Ski Resort of Chamonix

The village of Chamonix is located at the base of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Generations of tourists seeking winter and summer activities have favored Chamonix. Bikers and hikers enjoy the summer's lush green slopes, and other summer visitors can find plenty of rock climbing and Via Ferrata opportunities on the imposing peaks.

A well-known ski resort with some of the best skiing in Europe is located in Chamonix. In addition to the Vallée de Chamonix, there are 23 kilometers of resort skiing between Les Houches and Argentière.

The best restaurants in Chamonix

You can choose from a wide variety of cuisines and food styles when dining in Chamonix. French cuisine, particularly popular alpine dishes like tartiflette and fondue, can be found in regional eateries all over the city. If, however, you're more interested in degustation menus and high-end wines, there are a number of fine dining options available. Three Michelin-starred restaurants and five Bib Gourmand restaurants can be found in Chamonix.

If you want to eat at one of Chamonix's most popular fine-dining establishments, like Petite Royal, Albert 1er, or Le Serac, make reservations in advance. For a meal, budget approximately € 200 per person, and let the staff know in advance if it is a special occasion.

I suggest Le Monchu for fondue and Poco Loco for their enormous burgers for casual dining. Perfect following a day of skiing!

Activities in Chamonix

Visits to Chamonix's Aiguille du Midi peak, which is 3,842 meters high and offers spectacular views of Mont Blanc and the Glacier des Bossons, are among the most well-liked activities there. The Aiguille du Midi is accessible from Chamonix's central location after a 20-minute trolley ride through high-mountain forests.

Taking the Panoramic Mont-Blanc gondola is another fantastic way to take in the breathtaking views. This energizing tourist side trip crosses over ice falls and chasms with an Italian Pointe Helbronner perspective.

The Chamonix golf club is a well-liked getaway during the summer and offers breathtaking mountain views as you tee off.

There are many options if you're in Chamonix to party. The most well-known bar is La Folie Deuce, where the wealthy and attractive drink champagne and eat caviar and oysters. If you go there with some friends, it's a lot of fun.

3. Courchevel 1850 | Luxurious Chalets and Dining

Courchevel, the playground of the super-rich, is known for its exquisite high-end chalets, Michelin-starred restaurants, Louis Vuitton, and pricey champagne. In Courchevel 1850, spotting celebrities is a lot of fun because they frequent the resort during the ski season for opulent parties and to "be seen." This is regarded by many as one of the top tourist destinations in the French Alps.

It is renowned for having the best snow cover in the entire Alps and one of the longest ski seasons. The Three Valleys, which include Courchevel, contain the largest ski area in the world, with 600 km of slopes and more than 170 lifts connecting it.

Restaurants in Courchevel 1850

Of course, you wouldn't visit Courchevel without making reservations at one or more Michelin-starred restaurants.

Le 1947 Cheval Blanc is the only three-star restaurant in Courchevel 1850, along with a few other exquisite dining establishments. I enjoy Koori, a high-end Asian fusion restaurant that is listed in their most recent guide but does not have a Michelin star.

The town's center offers affordable dining options. Try The Burger Factory or Ineos Club House.

Activities in Courchevel 1850

Dining out is one of the main draws to Courchevel because most visitors come there to be seen.

The bowling alley in the center of town becomes popular when the weather isn't so great.

The typical alpine sports, such as mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking, and of course the numerous snow sports, are all possible in Courchevel thanks to the operational lifts in both the summer and the winter. For a unique experience, you can rent electric snow scooters to race or ride around the mountain. Other snow-friendly activities can be found all over the Three Valleys. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ski touring, tobogganing, Nordic walking, and ice skating are a few of these activities.

4. Thermal Park Village in St. Gervais-Mont-Blanc

The town of Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc is situated in the French Alps' Haute-Savoie region. Since the turn of the century, it has become a well-liked vacation spot, and I can see why! The charming village is close to Chamonix and Annecy and is tucked away in the mountains.

It is a well-liked vacation spot in both the summer and the winter and attracts a wide range of people. Because there aren't as many options as possible during the busiest travel times, I would advise making your reservations early.

In Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc, where to eat

Around the village of Saint Gervais, there are a lot of wonderful little cafes and eateries. The 4 Epices restaurant crêperie, where I can get delicious crepes and coffee, and the Boulangerie d'Antan Jérôme Lesève, where I can get fresh bread and pastries, are some of my favorite places for casual dining.

Le Sérac is ideal if you're looking for fine dining options. It is tucked away between the church and the town hall and features a spacious dining area with modern furnishings and a view of the Mont-Blanc range. The restaurant serves modern French cuisine, and the most recent Michelin guide gives them one star.

Activites in Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc

Saint-Gervais is a part of the 400+ km of tree-lined ski slopes and breathtaking panoramic views that make up the Evasion Mont-Blanc ski area in the winter. In the Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc resort areas, in addition to the standard snow sports, there are some other enjoyable activities to mention. Both bungee jumping and paragliding are activities that can be done in Saint- Gervais if you're a daredevil.

The National Academy of Medicine has recognized the Thermal Park, which has been in operation since 1807 and is naturally hot, and rich in minerals and trace elements. The spa's soothing hot pools are a great place to spend the day, or you can get more treatments from local professionals. It recently underwent rea novation, and it looks amazing!

The Mont-Blanc tramway is one of the most well-liked things to do in Saint-Gervais-Mont-Blanc. One of the last functioning cog railways, it carries skiers and hikers to the top of France's highest railway track. Don't forget to bring your camera—the views are breathtaking!

5. Val d’Isère | Picturesque French Alpine Village

When you first pull up to Val d'Isère, it resembles a movie set quite a bit. After a light dusting of snow, its exquisitely decorated chalets are especially aesthetically pleasing. The village has all of the charms of a typical Savoyard village and is small enough to be explored on foot, making it ideal for family vacations.

Skiers who are just learning the sport will find Val d'Isère to be a true paradise. You can safely begin skiing in a location with four free lifts and gentle slopes by walking directly onto the piste from the village. Another feature of Val d'Isère is its off-piste slopes. And has many independent instructors and guides who specialize in off-piste tuition and guiding, as well as some of the best lift-accessed off-piste in the world.

At a height of between 1,550 meters and 3,500 meters, the expansive Tignes/Val d'Isère Ski Resort is located in the Tarentaise Mountains.

Restaurants in Val d’Isère

Along the slopes at the village's edge, there are a few little eateries and bars. They all provide comparable food and beverages. Make sure to order a mulled wine to keep your hands warm. It's a great place to pull up a seat outside and watch the skiers go by.

There are many casual dining establishments in Val d'Isère that are close to the ski resort. Popular options include pizza and croque monsieur. Additionally, the daily menu is always a good deal.I adore Cocorico Apres Skiing for its distinctive setting and La Grande Ourse for its outdoor dining and stunning views.

If you're looking for fine dining, there is a restaurant with one Michelin star. In the heart of Val d'Isère is La Table de I'Ours. I'd recommend Le Panoramic, which is located up the mountain, if you're looking for something with a more intriguing location. The view is worth it, even though you'll have to use the chair lifts to get there.

I adore La Grande Ourse for its outdoor dining and breathtaking views, as well as Cocorico Apres Skiing for its unique setting.

There is a restaurant with one Michelin star if you want fine dining. La Table de I'Ours is located in the center of Val d'Isère. If you're looking for something with a more interesting location, I'd suggest Le Panoramic, which is located up the mountain. Even though you'll need to use chair lifts to get there, the view is worthwhile.

What to do in Val d'Isère is the best

In Val d'Isère, there are numerous things to do both in the summer and the winter.

With its vibrant mountain scenery and outdoor activities like climbing, horseback riding, mountain trekking, and hiking, Val d'Isère attracts a lot of tourists in the late spring. It's also a great place for relaxing nature walks where you can see wildflowers and birdlife.

Of course in winter, everyone comes to Val d’Isère to ski! With its lovely village atmosphere and charming way of life, it is a perfect winter destination. The Ski Schools in Val d’Isère are fantastic and many people get ski lessons while they are here.

In France, this is the ideal location to travel to in the summer. In fact, it is a ski area in the winter and is not accessible by car. It is only a short day trip from Grenoble, and you can either self-drive or take a guided tour offered by local tour operators.

6. The Chartreuse Mountains | Monks and Mountains

In France, this is the ideal location to travel to in the summer. In fact, it is a ski area in the winter and is not accessible by car. It is only a short day trip from Grenoble, and you can either self-drive or take a guided tour offered by local tour operators.


Once you are up in the mountain area, your options for dining are limited. For day trippers coming from Grenoble, Restaurant la Pierre Chaude and OREADE Balnéo Restaurant are extremely well-liked.

Events in the vicinity of Chartreuse Mountain

Everyone who travels to the Chartreuse Mountains desires to spend some time exploring the Grande Chartreuse Monastery's grounds. The gardens and exquisitely preserved architecture make the trip worthwhile. The hike takes four hours, or you can take a bus.

One of the most well-liked day trips in the Chartreuse Mountains is a trip to the Museum of la Grande Chartreuse. It is a special location that is only 2 km from the renowned monastery that Saint Bruno founded in 1084. The current museum, which is housed in the monastery's historic annex, offers visitors a wealth of information about the monks' heroic human and spiritual journey. You should check the opening times before your visit because it is only open from April through November and on special days.

The Chartreuse Mountains are covered in hiking trails, so you could easily spend a week there going on daily hikes. Mountain bikers love the Pump Track de Saint Pierre de Chartreuse (by Gilson). It is a fun pump track for riders of all skill levels, with moderately challenging but manageable bumps.

7. Aix-Les-Bains | Lakeside Roman Ruins

Aix-Les-Bains is a gorgeous lakeside town next to the largest freshwater lake in France, Lac du Bourget. It’s an easy drive over from Chambery if you were to take a long weekend escape or a detour on a longer French road trip.

Since Roman times, the town's natural hot springs have been used for therapeutic purposes. The public can visit the Temple of Diana, the Arch of Campanus, and the remains of the Roman baths. Since they are accessible to the general public, the hot springs are frequently one of the main attractions for tourists. Spa town Aix-les-Bains is well known throughout the world. Since the first century, Roman settlers have come to the area for the baths, and the resort still bears some intriguing signs of their presence. History enthusiasts will be thrilled!

Restaurants in Aix-Les-Bains

If you're looking for something special, there are a few Michelin Star restaurants in this small spa town. Both L'Estrade and Le 59 Restaurant are mentioned in the Michelin guide for this year. likewise, provide fine dining options at fair prices.

The Brasserie de l'aquarium and Restaurant LA PLAGE, which offer expansive patios and lots of fresh air, is the best in my opinion for outdoor dining.

Other well-known eateries in Aix-Les-Bains include Le San Fermin, which offers picturesque dining, and Restaurant Le Rouet, which serves delectable Savoyard cuisine.

It's interesting to note that Aix-Les-Bains has many restaurants from abroad. There are many kebab shops, sushi restaurants, and Indian curry houses. This makes for a welcome change if you have been eating French food in the Alps for a while.

Activities you must do while in Aix-Les-Bains

Visit the Musee Faure: On the third floor of the museum are some sculptures by Rodin as well as a good collection of impressionist paintings. A wealthy businessman donated the artwork, and the museum was established in his honor. It's tastefully laid out over three floors, with the first floor featuring new artwork. It's definitely worth an hour or so of exploring.

If you enjoy rock climbing, the Aix-Les-Bains Via Ferrata is a fantastic summer activity. Aix Les Bains can be seen in all its glory from there. Although the course is not particularly challenging, you should be aware that there is a 70 m drop below your feet. Well-protected and non-boring course. To reach the Via Ferrata's beginning, allow 30 minutes to walk.

Aqualac is a favourite spot for families as it is a large swimming pool complex. There are heated pools in the winter and swimming pools for kids of all ages. Aqualac has waterslides and an outdoor pool. There is also a picnic spot, trampolines and 2 playpark areas.

If you are looking for a day spa vibe, the modern facilities at the Hôtel Marina Adelphia include a wellness centre with therapeutic baths and an upscale spa with a sauna and Jacuzzi.

8. Grenoble | A City of Science and History

Grenoble, the biggest city in the area and frequently referred to as the Capital of the Alps, is a historical city. With a more than 2000-year-old history, Grenoble has developed into one of the most significant centers for research, technology, and innovation in Europe. Both the enormous technological advancements being made in this important scientific center and the remains of the Roman walls are still visible.

Although it is a modern city, it also has a long, illustrious history. Explore the city's historic district on foot to discover Grenoble's legacy, including Place Saint-André or the fountains on Place Grenette.

At 475 meters above sea level, the Bastille stronghold commands and provides a magnificent all-encompassing view of Grenoble and the Isère valley.

Savoy wine is produced close to Grenoble, so a day trip to one of the many chateaux nearby is always a smart idea. Unique wine varieties like ripaille, marin, marignan, or montmélian can be found in the Savoy AOC.

The best Grenoble restaurants

Grenoble has Maison Aribert, a two-star Michelin restaurant, for dining. The most recent Michelin guide also lists a few other well-known eateries, some of which are bib gourmands.

I have to strongly suggest Kai iwi Café, a New Zealander-owned restaurant serving delicious breakfasts and top-notch coffee, among other things. Ka Pai!

The view from Chez Le Pèr'gras is arguably the most stunning in the entire city. By the Bastille, there is a fine dining establishment that overlooks the city. To get a good table outside, make sure to reserve in advance.

You can almost always find something to eat in the city because it has so many foreign bars and restaurants.

Popular activities in Grenoble

Take a ride in the transparent "Grenoble-Bastille cable car," also known as "Les Bulles" by locals (the bubbles). The Isère river will be clearly visible from your position. Two restaurants and the Bastille Art Center are located at the top. where exhibitions of modern art are held.

One of France's most significant exhibition spaces for expressive arts is the Musée de Grenoble. Compositions by notable artists like Rubens, George de La Tour, and Philippe de Champaigne, as well as nineteenth-century artisans like Delacroix and Monet, are included in the collection. Works by Picasso, Matisse, and Léger, among others, speak to contemporary art.

Self-drive or arrange a day trip to the Savoyard wineries. At the foothills of Mont Granier, you can visit the Our Lady of Myans church and tour the Abymes and Apremont vineyards. In addition, the city offers self-service wine bars for wine tasting. Chez Le Per'gras is a fun and affordable place to sample different French wines.

9. Évian- Les- Bains | Lakeside Retreat

The town of Évian-Les-Bains is located on the south shore of Lake Geneva, whose crystal-clear waters are surrounded by lush green mountain fields of the French Alps.

A well-known wellness resort town, Évian-Les-Bains has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. Even today, the charming lanes in the old town serve as evidence of this.

The town is reachable by boat on Lake Geneva and is a very popular day trip from Geneva or Lausanne. Évian-Les-Bains is a great getaway destination for couples, groups, and families because it combines breathtaking natural beauty, Belle Epoque glamour and history, sport, and delectable food and wine from the Haute-Savoie.

Yes, the bottled water company Evian is based here.

Restaurants in Évian-les-Bains

The town's specialty, local fried breaded fish is a must-order. It's served with a few slices of lemon and a dipping sauce. Delicious!

Popular French eateries Au Jardin d'Eden and Restaurant Le Muratore "Bistrot Culinaire" in the old town both provide menus of the day and a local menu with Savoyard cuisines.

You'll be able to discover your own hidden treasures by strolling around the town.

Activities and things to do in Évian-les-Bains

The majority of tourists go to Évian-Les-Bains to unwind. The larger hotels have day spas with saunas and therapeutic massages inside of them.

Water sports are prevalent because the area is near Lake Geneva. You can go fishing with locals or rent a boat for the day to explore.

10. Bourg St Maurice | A hub city for the French Alps

One of my favorite towns is Bourg-St-Maurice, which is frequently disregarded. Although it lacks the same ski-in, ski-out feel as other alpine villages, it does have a few additional distinctive features that make it a destination in and of itself. For starters, it is conveniently reachable by TGV from Paris, London, or points in between. Additionally, it provides Airbnb rentals that make it simple to have self-catered ski vacations on a budget. I like that there are chalets in Bourg-St-Maurice, and if you want to stay in the township, everything is accessible on foot and reasonably priced.

For €5, you can ride the funicular from the town's center all the way up to Les Arc 1600. Much simpler than taking the bus or driving yourself every day, though you could if you wanted to. It's a surprisingly underrated spot in the French Alps, but I believe it's ideal for a winter ski vacation if you're on a tight budget.

It should be noted that many visitors to the Les Arcs resort begin their journey in Bourg-St-Maurice.

The best restaurants in Bourg-St-Maurice

The majority of the restaurants in the city serve regional Savoie cuisine. In the main town, my favorite restaurants are La Refuge and Le Chalupot. They both provide excellent daily specials while staying true to Alpine cuisine.

By the roundabout, there is a row of fantastic restaurants that are ideal for patio dining outdoors. I like Snack Ski Roc and Le Tonneau. Another fantastic cafe, Pause Coffee, is direct across the street and serves the best coffee in town.

In Bourg-St-Maurice, there aren't any options for fine dining, but I like it that way! Everything is available here and isn't pretentious at all. The food is of high quality because the town depends on its residents, who are now tourists who only stay for a week before leaving.

The top activities to do in Bourg-St-Maurice

There are lots of things to do close to Bourg-St-Maurice. It's fun to stroll through the township itself, and on Sundays, be sure to visit the market there. In the town close to the train station, there is also a well-liked Co-op for Beaufort Cheese and other regional foods. On Saturdays, you should plan on waiting in line for at least 30 minutes as tourists prepare to leave.

Purchase a ski pass by taking the Funicular up to Les Arcs. 200 kilometers of descent, 106 runs, and 54 lifts make up the ski area. Les Arcs is generally a good ski resort for novices. There are many wide, high-altitude blue runs to advance to, which provide a thrilling experience. Arc 1800 has the best beginner-specific skiing in the area, and its newest development at Mille8 has a designated calm area for beginners.

In the summer, mountain biking is very popular in and around Bourg-St-Maurice. There are numerous businesses that rent bikes and provide guides upon request. The summer piste map lists the 22 marked VTT trails that are currently open if you prefer to plan your own route.

11. Tignes | Glaciar Skiing

The five villages that make up Tignes are Tignes-les-Brévières, Tignes-les-Boisses, Tignes-le-Lac, and Tignes-Val Claret. The majority of visitors choose to stay in Tignes Le Lac, which is close to the lake and has a lot going on. Everything is easily accessible because it is the main town. Many restaurants are available at Val Claret, where some guests stay. The funicular to the Glacier departs from there as well.

Tignes is a popular summer and winter vacation spot, and many people use it as a base to prepare for summer sports at high altitudes. The second-highest golf course in Europe is also located there.

Tignes really come to life in the winter. It makes up the "Espace Killy" ski area along with nearby Val d'Isère. Due to the close proximity of the two resorts, one of the smoothest connections between ski areas in Europe is possible, effectively resulting in a single skiable area with more than 300 km of piste. Since the terrain in the valley is more difficult, experienced skiers frequently choose the resort as their preferred ski area. There have been improvements to add more beginner runs, as I said.

The best restaurants in Tignes

There are numerous restaurants in Tignes that offer food for every taste and budget. The casual outdoor restaurant Tignes Cusine, which serves Thai curry and noodle soup, is one of my favorites.

In the city, there are a few fine dining establishments, such as Le Kaya, which offers an Asian fusion menu. With Ursus, Val Clart owns a restaurant with one Michelin star. The degustation menu, which starts at €98, features a variety of Savoyard dishes that are meant to represent the region around Tignes and its trees. They are only open during the winter, just like many of these fine dining alpine establishments.

Activities you much do while in Tignes

Almost any time of year is a good time to visit Tignes' Grande Motte Glacier. Enjoy the sights by riding the funicular up to The Panoramic restaurant. From there, a cable car will take you as high as 3453m. You can see numerous other tourist destinations in the French Alps in the distance from here.

In the French Alps, skiing is possible in the summer. Summer skiing is permitted on the Motte Glacier from the middle of June to the end of July. There are also guided glacier climbs and glacier hikes available.

You can rent sleds, ski equipment, and even snow tubing within the resort area. A path can be used to cross the frozen lake, and there are igloos for kids to play in. At various times, the town also hosts a few smaller events with musicians and complimentary hot chocolate or mulled wine.

One of the biggest indoor sports complexes in the area is Tignespace. Among other things, there are a rock climbing wall, trampolines, a skate park, squash courts, tennis courts, and a gym. The whole year through.

12. Conflans, Albertville | Medieval Village

The medieval city of Conflans offers the charm of a medieval hamlet. You can discover its narrow streets, old shops, gardens, and baroque churches easily in a few hours. It overlooks the city of Albertville and is easy to visit by self-driving. While the town is open year-round, I found that 90% of the shops and restaurants were closed when visited in Winter, I would suggest coming here in Summer for a better experience. Enjoy incredible views of the Savoie valley, with the Chartreuse mountains further in the distance.

Restaurants in Conflans

Dining options are limited in Conflans. There are several small cafes (and an Irish pub, because, why not!) situated in a small courtyard in the middle of town. If you don’t find anything open there (like I experienced!) head into Albertville for a bite to eat.

Albertville has a wide variety of restaurants including Buffalo Grill for cheap American diner-style food and all of the other fast food outlets such as Mc Donalds and Burger King. I only note this because after a while of eating French food, sometimes, you crave fast food, and Albertville is where you can get that fix.

The best activities to do in Albertville and Conflans

Visiting Conflans is the number one activity in Albertville!

Albertville itself is more of a working city. It does not have tourist attractions itself but is a good resting stop if you have been on a long road trip across France or something similar. It can almost make for an interesting base for exploring this region of the French Alps if you don’t mind the daily drive to each ski field.

An hour away from Albertville is several large ski resorts. La Clusaz is about 45 kilometres away, the ski area encompasses five interlinked mountain peaks, with 85 ski slopes covering 125 kilometers of groomed trails. You also have access to La Plagne and Les 3 Vallées ski resorts around a one-hour drive away.


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